Wednesday, March 20, 2013

God is so big

Our church has become Redeemer Church Cedar Falls.

I appreciate the heart of my old (younger than me) pastor here.

  • Brooks shared, and I too can see, that when it is SO different and difficult, these changes are evidence that this is God building HIS church not us.  
  • We are growing, and that is to God's glory because of His Son.  
  • Sacrificially at times, I need to Give myself over to this exciting, scary adventure unfolding before us.
  • I need to pray. Pray. Pray...through the new and when I miss the old.

  • As one of our men said this last Sunday, about Kaio, and also about who we have become in Redeemer---"We are a church that begins and ends with Jesus."(by His Grace and with His strength) I am so thankful. May we never be a church built on any other name.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Follow up...

So yeah, I've been mostly free of "me" but yesterday I caught myself beginning to whine for attention.