Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My semester

Before my  9 am class every Tues/Thur I go to the local Panera for an hour to sit and enjoy myself after dropping off my daughter.

I have met the couple whose husband's health is declining and his humor just increases--Always a jolly "hello, this chair is open for you" invitation.

There is the table of seniors who share life...some married, most not. They pass stories and photographs while enjoying their toast and coffee.

There is usually a couple of senior guys at their own table, nonchalontly scanning the restaureant while discussing man things in their deep voices.

there is the great grandpa with the charming smile who comes over to me each week to flirt with me shamelessly. He brightens my morning with stories of his sassy, great-granddaughters, his troublemaking youth, his German speaking adoptive parents, his rich family life....

He calls me toots, and cutie,and beautiful. He discovered today I was a "frau" not a "fraulein" much to his "disappointment".
He mingles expletives, flirtations and hilarious stories with ease. Oh how the girls must have fallen for him and his Irish Catholic charm.
I think I need to take another class next semester! :)

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