Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gulping in the Fresh Air

I made an error today at work... an email blast error that went to some wrong recipients. When dealing with these type of conference registrants you never know what type of response you will get. Let's just say, I felt my share of condemnation as the responses started pouring into my inbox. When I finally drafted the appropriate apology and pushed "send"...I then received a few responses of, "no worries". Sometimes it's ok to realize how stifling condemnation is...just to realize how fresh and life-giving grace is. It made me think about the fact that I don't feel suffocated by the condemnation that should have been mine because Jesus took it all. That brought me to a point of giving Him thanks because all of a sudden I noticed that when that blame is removed.... I then have the privelege of breathing.

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